Ergonomics & Corporate Wellness

Enhancing Workplace Health: Ergonomics & Corporate Wellness

The way we work has changed. Professionals are now having to make do at the kitchen island, dining table, or a re-purposed dresser. None of these is a replacement for the well-lit, ergonomically supportive, and spacious office they’re used to.

New environments come with new challenges. Strained eyes, tight shoulders, and stiff hips can affect productivity and lead to lingering health issues. Ergonomic assessments can make a substantial difference in the wellness of office workers. Investing in a proper workspace setup early on will pay dividends in the long run.

Learn more about our ergonomic assessment and support sessions below.

Virtual Ergonomic Assessment


If you are looking for a virtual 1-on-1 session focused on your individual workspace needs, we offer personalized ergonomic assessments.

This will include a thorough assessment of your at-home or in-office workstation with a breakdown of suggested modifications to enhance your environment and reduce pain/risk of injury.

We’ll look at your office’s:

    • desk height
    • chair height
    • seat structure
    • back support
    • arm support
    • lighting
    • computer screen set up
    • keyboard position
    • document holders/placement

If you have a spending account from your employer or business for altering your workspace, we can also provide a “shopping list” of recommended items to help maximize the function of your office space.


Small Group Mobility Sessions


Change doesn’t happen overnight. By adding a regular stretch and mobility routine, your employees can work to:

    • Negate the effects of sitting for long periods of time
    • Improve posture
    • Improve overall joint health
    • Decrease feelings of tissue tension
    • Enhance productivity
    • Enhance activity and sport performance
    • Prevent injury

Small group mobility sessions target areas of the body that get cranky after sitting for long periods: think hips, lower back, neck and shoulders. These virtual sessions can accommodate up to 10 people.

What’s Included?

    • Live stretch and mobility sessions using our secure, PIPEDA-compliant software
      • weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly options
    • 1-on-1 onboarding and group check-ins between sessions
    • A take-home PDF with workstation setup tips
    • Sample stretches/mobility drills

PLEASE NOTE: A lacrosse ball and resistance band are recommended – individualized packages can be mailed (or picked up from the clinic) for an additional cost


Work-from-home Ergonomics


We’re now a couple of years into the work-from-home (WFH) or hybrid workplace model and your employees may be feeling the difference in their bodies.

Maybe they’re noticing more stiffness in the low back or pinching in their hips, maybe it’s the feeling of constant tension in their shoulders and neck, more frequent headaches, or even numbness & tingling in the forearms and hands.

Since it looks like the WFH and hybrid models are here to stay for many Canadians, it’s time for us to adapt to this new normal.

Making a few small tweaks to a workstation is the first step in helping your workers get through the workday pain-free. From there, it’s paramount that we look at adding routine movement and stretching to those target areas of discomfort to relieve existing symptoms and prevent them from developing into something worse.

What’s Included in an ergonomics assessment for your team?

    • Tips and tricks for setting up their at-home workstations
    • A live 20-minute stretch and mobility routine
    • A take-home PDF including workstation set-up tips and sample stretches to keep as a reminder of what they’ve learned

Why Choose Acceleration Physiotherapy for your rehab?

Extensive experience
Trusted by other medical professionals
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What Additional Ergonomics-Related Qualifications Do Our Therapists Have?
Thanks to Becky’s Master of Physiotherapy degree, she already has the experience and knowledge required to support businesses and office workers with their ergonomic assessment and wellness programs.

Plus, she’s also taken additional training and earned her Certified Office Ergonomic Evaluator certificate – equipping her with even more tools to perform comprehensive office ergonomic assessments.

Next Steps
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