Learn to Lift

Learn to Lift, Discover Your Strength, & Protect Your Long-term Health

Are you someone who’s always wanted to get into weight training but felt overwhelmed and unsure where to start? Have you experienced an injury in the past and are looking for a safe way to get back into the gym? Or maybe you have some experience lifting weights but want a program tailored specifically to your physical needs and goals.

Our Learn To Lift program is designed to help you kickstart a safe and effective strength training journey. With the guidance of our certified sports physiotherapist, you can step into the gym safely and confidently.

Once you’re cleared by your therapist, they’ll collaborate with one of our preferred personal trainers at Cross Conditioning to ensure you continue your strength and conditioning journey safely.

Our clinic operates inside the Integro Wellness Studio, a private personal training gym. We have full access to the equipment and space needed to support you as you Learn to Lift (and there won’t be any large, intimidating crowds to worry about as you learn).

Before you get going in the gym, we’ll book you for your initial, 1-hour session. This thorough assessment will include:

    • questions regarding your background, history of injury, past and current activity levels
    • discussion surrounding your goals and intentions for this program
    • a full-body screen and comprehensive strength testing

Once Sid has an in-depth understanding of your physical limitations, your comfort level & experience in the gym, and your goals, he’ll make one of two recommendations:

Continued physiotherapy

If you’ve got a persistent injury or area of weakness, Sid will continue working with you to resolve those concerns.

Guided training with a personal trainer

Once you’re training for performance (meaning you don’t have any flagged physical limitations), you’ll be discharged from physiotherapy and referred to one of our preferred personal trainers at Cross Conditioning.

Your training program with Cross Conditioning will focus on:

Lifting Technique and Form

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to physiotherapy or weight training. Every body is unique and and has different needs. Sid will work with you to determine the proper lifting techniques and form for your body and your goals.

A Customized Training Program

Lifting can seem intimidating, especially if you’ve had a negative experience or injury in the past. That’s why this program will be tailored to you, in a supportive and encouraging environment. You’ll learn at your own pace and will gradually and safely build up your strength.

Injury Prevention

This program goes beyond just weight lifting. Your trainer will educate you on injury prevention strategies and how to listen to your body. The last thing you want after kickstarting a training program is to be derailed because of an injury.

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Sports Physiotherapy Sherwood Park Physio

Once you’ve been discharged from physio and are ready to safely begin your training, you can choose between two options with Cross Conditioning:

One-on-one Training  |  $60/session

Based on the recommendations from your physiotherapist, Devlin (Cross Conditioning personal trainer) will create a customized strength and conditioning program for you. Devlin will work with you at the Integro studio at a speed and level you’re comfortable with.

Learn-to-Lift Training Offer  |  $120

Cross Conditioning will offer patients referred through our Learn to Lift program a 25% discount on a 2-day distance program. This includes:

    • two 60-minute sessions at the Integro training studio with a personal trainer
    • two-day distance program that runs for four weeks (this is designed for you to complete on your own, either at a gym or your home)
      • weekly check-ins
      • weekly program updates
      • access to the Trainerize app

Here’s Why Weight Training is Crucial For Your Health

Weight training – aka strength training or resistance training – is so vital for our overall, long-term health. Here’s why:

1 | It Builds and Maintains Muscle Mass

As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass, which leads to weakness, decreased mobility, and an increased risk of falls and fractures. Weight training helps counteract this by stimulating muscle growth & maintenance, improving strength, and enhancing your overall physical function.

2 | It Increases Bone Density

Weightlifting puts stress on the bones, which stimulates the production of new bone tissue and increases bone density. This is especially important in preventing osteoporosis and reducing the risk of fractures.

3 | It Improves Joint Health & Flexibility

Lifting weights strengthens the muscles around the joints, providing better support and stability. This helps alleviate joint pain and reduce the risk of injuries. Plus, weight training through a full range of motion improves flexibility and joint mobility.

4 | It Enhances Cardiovascular (heart) Health

While weight training primarily focuses on building strength, it also offers heart-health benefits. Lifting weights with proper intensity and technique can elevate your heart rate and improve fitness, leading to a healthier heart and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

5 | It Boosts Mental Well-being

Research shows that lifting weights can have positive effects on our mental health. It can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve mood and self-confidence and enhance your overall cognitive function.

If you have any questions about our Learn to Lift Program, please click here to get in touch or if you’re ready to schedule your first session, click the button below to book with Sid.

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