Professional Development for Physiotherapists

“Contemporary Concepts in Physiotherapy”

an online professional development series for physiotherapists led by top practitioners from across the globe

Led by advanced-practice therapists, these professional development sessions will introduce you to the most current, practical applications of evidenced-based physiotherapy. Featuring novel concepts in clinical practice, these lectures will highlight research-informed best practice for physiotherapists.

Upcoming Online Seminars

The Sacroiliac Joint

April 25, 2020 | Time: 10 AM - 12 PM

Dr. Thorvaldur Palsson challenges the narrative on the diagnosis and management of pain in the sacroiliac joint – click here to view his article on the topic.

Extracting from his years of research into pain science and the sacroiliac joint, Dr. Palsson will challenge your current view of the SI joint. Rooted in the biopsychosocial model and emerging cognitive functional therapy management research, Dr. Palsson presents a current conceptualization of pain and dysfunction in the sacroiliac joint, informing how therapists manage and educate patients. Dr. Palsson is an expert at summarizing what is true and valid about the SI joint and how it shapes clinical interventions.

Words matter, and the way physiotherapists think about injury in this area impacts how we educate and treat patients.

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Concussion Intervention - an introduction

May 2, 2020 | Time: 10 AM - 12 PM

Concussion is a brain injury that often co-exists with other multi-system injuries – some are well suited to physiotherapy management, some are not. In this entry-level seminar, Codi Isaac will teach you how to navigate through this complex injury, emphasizing confidence in the value of physiotherapy interventions and recognizing when specialized and inter-disciplinary care is required.

In a pragmatic approach to assessing and managing concussions, this session addresses the magnitude of concussion injury and potential effect on individuals. It focuses on the integral role physiotherapists have on an inter-disciplinary concussion management team, providing: 1. an expectation for recovery, 2. a recognition of delayed recovery, and 3. rationale for referral to specialized care.

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May 9, 2020 | Time: 10 AM - 12 PM

Tendinopathy continues to be one of the leading reasons for both athletes and members of the general population to seek physiotherapy.

Drawing on his extensive work with tendon pathologies and robust knowledge of the current literature, Declan Norris presents an evidence-based approach to the management of tendon injury.

Moving beyond just eccentrics, this seminar outlines the current understanding of the pathoanatomy of tendinopathy and the current best evidence-based interventions being implemented to achieve results for patients in clinical practice.

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Thorvaldur Palsson

Instructor - Sacroiliac Joint

Dr Thorvaldur Skuli Palsson is a Musculoskeletal Scientist and an Associate Professor position at Aalborg University in Denmark. Thorvaldur holds a post-graduate degree in musculoskeletal physiotherapy from Curtin University in Perth, Australia, a PhD in Musculoskeletal Pain from Aalborg University in Denmark, and has spent time in Norway as part of the Norwegian Manual Therapy postgraduate program. Thorvaldur completed his PhD in Clinical Science and Biomedicine with a focus on investigating the sensory and motor aspects of SI Joint pain.

In addition to his academic work, Thorvaldur works as a physiotherapist at Apex Fysio, specialising in low back and pelvic girdle pain.


Codi Isaac

Instructor - Concussion Intervention

Codi Isaac, a certified Sport Physiotherapist, works in inter-disciplinary, private practice and sporting environments, focusing on Concussion Management over the past 10 years . In addition to working with athletes at Isaac Physiotherapy, Codi is a member of both the Physiotherapy Alberta’s Concussion Management: A Toolkit for Physiotherapists and Alberta Health Service’s Pediatric Concussion Knowledge Topic.

Codi’s research experience includes working on the University of Alberta’s team ‘Evaluating a Functional Testing Protocol for Assessing Balance Recovery at Return to Play following Adolescent Sport Related Concussion’ and with the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic Interdisciplinary Complex Concussion Clinic: Evaluation of a Novel Model of Collaborative Care.


Declan Norris

Instructor - Tendinopathy

An internationally-accredited sports physiotherapist, Declan Norris has worked with recreational, elite, and professional athletes across a variety of sports over the past decade. Most notably, his experience in high-performance sport includes working at an international-level with Cricket Australia, Cricket Ireland, and Cricket Afghanistan. At the clinical level, Declan focuses on groin pain, hamstring injuries, and tendon-related pain among athletes, using evidence-based treatment to support their return to sport.

Originally from Ireland, Declan earned a Clinical Master’s degree in Sports Physiotherapy from Curtin University in Perth, Australia, a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from The Royal College of Surgeons In Ireland, and a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry with Cell Biology from Trinity College Dublin.


How much does registration cost?

Registration costs $50 per seminar or $120 if you register for all three.

What software is required for me to view the seminar?

The seminar will be hosted online using Adobe Connect. This platform recommends using either a Firefox or Chrome web browser and temporarily disabling pop-up blockers. All other information will be provided to you by email following registration.

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