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Optimize Your Game with a Certified Sports Physio in Sherwood Park

Whether you’re a professional/elite athlete or a weekend warrior, we understand how important it is that your body is operating at peak performance. We’re here to help accelerate your recovery from injury, prevent any future issues, and enhance your ongoing sport performance.

Our Approach:
We take a holistic approach to sport physio, meaning we’ll focus on optimizing your overall physical function in addition to treating any ongoing injuries you may have. Our therapists have competed as high-level athletes themselves and have since spent a large part of their careers supporting other elite athletes, both on the field and in the clinic.

Our sports physio services

Injury Assessment and Treatment

Our certified sports physiotherapists are trained in diagnosing and treating a wide range of sports-related injuries, including sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocations. We utilize the latest, evidence-based practices to help accelerate your recovery.


Every athlete is unique. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to rehabilitating a sports injury. Every program we create is tailored to the specific needs of the athlete and sport we’re working with. We’ll guide you through the exercises and therapy needed to restore your power, coordination, flexibility, and range of motion so you can get back to your sport stronger than ever.

Performance Enhancement

Our goals as your sports physiotherapist are to focus on your injury management AND on optimizing your athletic performance. We’ll create a specialized program designed to improve your strength, endurance, and overall athletic abilities. We’ll flag any imbalances and weaknesses so we can target your rehab and help you reach your full potential.

Injury Prevention (prehab)

Prevention is always better than a cure. We’ll work with you to identify potential risks and develop a tailored injury prevention plan. Our aim is to reduce the likelihood of future injuries so you can keep performing at your best.

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Sports physiotherapy assessment with certified sport physio in Sherwood Park

Why Choose Acceleration Physiotherapy for your sports physio?

Specialized Sports Certification
Trusted by other medical professionals
Extensive experience
One on One care

Sports Physio at Acceleration Physiotherapy Sherwood Park

Individualized Plan

Every athlete is unique, as are their injuries and goals. Since we treat patients one-on-one (one therapist with one patient at a time) at Acceleration Physiotherapy, our therapists have the time to truly understand your situation and concerns, assess your condition thoroughly, and develop a personalized treatment plan that suits your specific goals toward athletic excellence.

Experience and Training

Sid Aurka is one of the few certified Sports Physiotherapists in Sherwood Park. He has always been involved with sports on a personal level. During his academic career, he competed as a varsity-level athlete in wrestling and for the Canadian national cricket team.

Now, as a professional, he enjoys supporting athletes with their sport-related injuries. Sid has previously worked as a physio with the Pandas Hockey Club in Edmonton and now works with the Team Canada Sitting Volleyball team.

He also has training and experience collaborating with orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians as they diagnose and treat ACL injuries at all stages of rehabilitation. He helped run the Acute Knee Injury Clinic and the Functional Agility and Strength Training class for athletes with ACL injuries at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic.

Our Facilities

Our clinic operates inside the Integro Wellness Studio, a large personal training gym. We have full access to the equipment and space needed to support high-level athletes.

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