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Hand Therapy & Wrist Therapy

For their size, the hands are exceptionally intricate – made up of 27 bones and many more muscles, ligaments, and tendons (Hopkins Medicine). It’s because of the hands’ delicate nature, combined with how much we use them each day, that hand pain is so common.

If you’re struggling with hand or wrist concerns, hand therapy can improve the mobility and strength of your upper extremity and, as a result, enhance your overall functional ability.

Can hand therapy benefit you?

Our therapists work with people of all ages and abilities who suffer from one more of the following hand/wrist concerns:

    • Pain
    • Stiffness
    • Swelling
    • Deformity
    • Weakness while grasping, lifting, and/or carrying
    • Numbness or tingling
    • General reduction in function
Hand therapy Sherwood Park

What Our Patients Say

Manual hand therapy and wrist therapy Sherwood Park

Can hand therapy help with your concern?

Below are some common hand and wrist conditions that we treat at Acceleration Physiotherapy Sherwood Park:

    • Arthritis
    • Sprains/strains
    • Tendonitis
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Trigger fingers
    • Fractures
    • Post-operative rehabilitation

Why Choose Us

One-on-One Treatments
Private Consultation Rooms

What can you expect at a hand therapy appointment?

Your hand therapy treatment plan will begin with an in-depth assessment that includes measuring functional grips, pinches, range of motion, and strength. As with all treatments at Acceleration Physiotherapy, your one-on-one appointment will take place in a private room, allowing your therapist to focus solely on your care for the entire appointment.

After the initial assessment, your physiotherapist will develop an individualized treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals. Your plan may include education, exercise, manual therapy, and/or modalities, as required.

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