WCB (work-related injury)

WCB (work-related injury)

If you’ve been hurt or injured at work, you may qualify for coverage through the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB). Learn more about the process below or visit the WCB website for more in-depth information.

Reporting your injury to WCB

If you were hurt or injured at work, there are three steps to take as soon as possible:

      1. Tell your employer || After you’ve notified your employer, they have up to 72 hours to report the incident to WCB.
      2. Tell your healthcare provider (doctor, physiotherapist, etc.) || Once you’ve informed your healthcare provider, they’re obligated to report your injury to WCB within 48 hours.
      3. Tell WCB || There are a few different ways you can report your injury to WCB – find them here.

Claim decision

Once you’ve notified the necessary parties, WCB will determine the classification for your claim (IE. lost-time, no time lost) and assign one of the following states:

      1. accepted
      2. not accepted
      3. pending || a decision has not been made yet
      4. processed || a claim has been registered and medical costs are being paid, but the claim has not been reviewed for a decision
      5. medical investigation || further medical assessments are required before a decision can be made

Finding a healthcare provider

WCB has a list of approved WCB contract clinics (including Acceleration Physiotherapy Sherwood Park) on its website and you can view that list here.

WCB treatment - Sherwood Park Physiotherapy

Why Choose Acceleration for your WCB (work-related injury) rehab?

Extensive experience
Trusted by other medical professionals
Full access to a functional rehab gym
WCB treatment area

Getting treatment

The workers’ compensation board will automatically cover the first visit to the clinic for work-related injuries, even if the claim ultimately ends up being denied.

If your claim is approved, your therapist will work with you on a safe return to work plan, tailored for your particular situation. WCB will cover a set number of physiotherapy visits over an approved length of time. Your therapist will discuss this process in full with you once your claim has received the approved status.

Next step

If you’ve got any questions about your WCB injury or our clinic, get in touch with us. Or, if you’re ready to get started on your return-to-work program, click here to book an assessment online.


“Brittney did a great job of getting my fractured wrist back into working order. Exercises were perfectly timed for each stage of recovery, and wrist strength improved quickly. The facility is bright, clean, and welcoming. It is easy to find and offers lots of parking. Highly recommended.”

– Teddy

“Brittney at Acceleration is an awesome physiotherapist. I’ve been to a few physiotherapists and Brittney is the most capable and attentive. Other physiotherapists will sometimes have a few clients booked in at the same time and jump around between them. Brittney has never done this. I have her undivided attention during my appt. She has helped improve the issues I had with my knee. She’s extremely knowledgeable and as a massage therapist I will be referring my clients to her as needed.”

– Mariah