Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy and Your Rehab

Manual therapy is a modern, science-based approach to physiotherapy treatment. It involves using advanced, hands-on techniques to accurately diagnose and treat patients with musculoskeletal issues.

During your one-on-one treatment at Acceleration Physiotherapy Sherwood Park, your therapist will rely on these manual skills, as opposed to machines or devices, to provide relief and improve function within each session.

Manual therapy techniques
To help reduce pain, increase mobility, and/or reduce inflammation, a manual therapist may use the following techniques during treatment:

    • Joint manipulation
    • Joint mobilisation
    • Massage
    • Traction
    • Assisted stretching

Treatable conditions

Whatever your reason for seeking physiotherapy, it’s likely that manual therapy techniques will be used to support your recovery. This includes (but isn’t limited to) complaints of:

    • Jaw pain (TMJ)
    • Neck/back pain
    • Shoulder/rotator cuff pain
    • Hand, wrist, elbow pain
    • Ankle, knee, hip pain
    • Nerve pain
    • Whiplash
Manual hand therapy and wrist therapy Sherwood Park

Why Choose Acceleration Physiotherapy for your rehab?

Therapist with advanced post-graduate master's degree
Trusted by other medical professionals
One-on-one, patient-focused care

Manual Therapy FAQs

What education is required to provide manual therapy?

While most physiotherapists incorporate some form of manual therapy into treatment, some have chosen to complete additional specialised education. Any therapist performing joint manipulations must have the appropriate training and maintain active certification. Acceleration Physiotherapy owner and therapist, James Squire, earned his post-graduate master’s degree in Manipulative Therapy* at Curtin University in 2008.

*James Squire is on the Physiotherapy Alberta College + Association‘s list of therapists authorised to perform spinal manipulation.  

I’ve had physio before and it didn’t help – why will manual therapy at Acceleration Physiotherapy be different?

Starting with a thorough, hands-on assessment, our therapists will prioritize accurate diagnosis to ensure they can create a treatment plan that addresses the root cause, not the symptoms, of your problem.

Your past experiences may have included minimal one-on-one time with your therapist, but you can expect the undivided attention of your therapist for the duration of your time at the clinic.

If you have any other questions or would like to book a physiotherapy appointment at Acceleration Physiotherapy, please get in touch!

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