Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Our shoulders are one of the busiest and most mobile joints in the body. They work hard for us all day, and because of this, shoulder pain and injuries are some of the most common conditions we treat at our clinic.

Shoulder rehab is nuanced, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. Guided by the knowledge gathered from an in-depth shoulder assessment, your treatment plan will begin with an accurate diagnosis of your issue. With this information, your therapist will then build a tailored treatment program to help alleviate your shoulder pain and improve your mobility.

Why choose our clinic for your shoulder rehab

Acceleration Physiotherapy is recognized in the local medical community as a leader in shoulder rehabilitation (pre and post-surgical and non-surgical). Our therapists have worked closely with shoulder surgeons in the Edmonton region for nearly a decade to successfully rehabilitate even the most complex cases.

As a result of our expertise, Acceleration Physiotherapy is one of only two Sherwood Park clinics that the Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre refers its patients to when they need additional care.


While pain is the most common symptom of a shoulder condition, patients may also experience:

    • Reduced mobility/stiffness
    • Shoulder & upper arm weakness
    • Grinding sensation
    • Slipping sensation
    • Repeated dislocations


The most common causes of shoulder pain include:

    • Tendinitis/Bursitis – inflammation or irritation of a tendon or bursa
    • Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) – a ‘stuck’ shoulder or one with limited movement
    • Rotator cuff tear – a rip in the muscles/tendons that stabilize the shoulder joint
    • Impingement – when the top of the shoulder blade rubs against or pinches the rotator cuff beneath it
    • Arthritis – swelling and tenderness of the joint
Shoulder pain - physiotherapy Sherwood Park

Why Choose Acceleration for your shoulder pain rehab?

Extensive experience
Trusted by other medical professionals
Full access to a functional rehab gym
Shoulder pain - physiotherapy Sherwood Park

What next

If you’ve got any questions about your shoulder or our clinic, get in touch with us. Or, if you’re ready to get started on your shoulder physiotherapy program, click here to book an assessment online.


“Excellent long-term care for a dislocated shoulder and broken arm. Brittney’s skills in complex injuries is evident through Assessment, Treatment, and Discharge. Her kindness and patience are appreciated in the many questions and concerns I had.” – Lynda

“James has treated me for numerous injuries and in post-surgical follow up for many years. Always professional and highly-skilled, he provides outstanding physiotherapeutic services. His timelines for estimating recovery have been spot on. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending James as the top physiotherapist in Sherwood Park and surrounding areas. “Thank You” James for your care.” – Randy