Virtual Physiotherapy

Virtual (tele-rehab) Physiotherapy

With the outbreak of Covid-19, we’ve all been tasked with navigating our lives while in relative isolation. During this period, education remains the most important part of injury recovery and pain management. Acceleration Physiotherapy’s virtual physiotherapy appointments provide patients with expert injury consultation, advice, and home exercise prescription. These elements of treatment have always been – and will remain – an essential part of injury recovery.

To date, Acceleration Physiotherapy’s online appointments have successfully helped clients manage and improve their pain and function. If you’re not sure whether virtual treatment is a viable option for your condition, your therapist will be happy to discuss this with you during a free phone consultation – click here to set this up.

Telehealth FAQs

Virtual physiotherapy appointments are a new treatment option at most physiotherapy clinics, so it’s understandable if you’ve got questions. Read below for some of the most common questions regarding online, video consultations at Acceleration Physiotherapy:

What do I need in order to join a virtual appointment?
All you’ll need is a desktop/laptop computer (with an up-to-date Chrome internet browser) or your mobile phone/tablet (you’ll be prompted to download an App), and access to your online booking profile (click here and select Sign In at the top right).

Are virtual physiotherapy appointments secure?
Our software uses a standard that provides peer to peer a/v communication in most cases. This means that all traffic flows directly between each user’s web browser and bypasses any servers. The traffic is also encrypted in transit and none of the data is stored anywhere, ensuring our online appointments are PIPEDA compliant.

How much does a virtual consult cost?
An online appointment costs $85.

Most extended health insurers will cover tele-rehab appointments during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you’re unsure whether your insurer will reimburse this expense, you can reach out to them directly, or contact us to make the request.

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