How much does physiotherapy cost?

At Acceleration Physiotherapy, we charge:

    • $120 for private physio/acupuncture/dry needling assessments
    • $90 for private treatments

Wait, doesn’t the government (Alberta Health Services) cover the cost of physio?

Not necessarily.

Over the past several years, funding for physiotherapy has been slowly scaled back. As of March 2022, there is limited funding available through Alberta Health Services. Only patients who have undergone surgery, suffered a fracture, or qualify based on low-income criteria can potentially receive covered physiotherapy visits. In addition, only a select few clinics have a contract to access these visits through AHS – and Acceleration Physiotherapy Sherwood Park is NOT one of them. You may still choose to attend our clinic, but please know that you will be responsible for the cost.

If you think you might qualify for covered physio, and you have NOT had surgery or a fracture, you’ll need to call the Alberta Health Services Rehabilitation Advice Line at 1-833-379-0563. Someone will assess you over the phone and determine if you qualify for in-person treatment based on your income level.

If you’ve had surgery or a fracture, you can contact a funded clinic directly.

What about private health benefits?

If you’ve got extended health benefits, we’d be happy to submit the claim on your behalf (as long as your plan allows us – not all do). Please let us know if you have private coverage prior to your first appointment. We’ll submit the claim once you’ve signed the necessary consent forms and you’ll only be responsible for paying us for any amount that isn’t covered by your plan!

Ok, but what if the treatment is for a work-related injury or car accident?

WORK || If you were injured at work, you might be entitled to funding (upon approval) through the Workers’ Compensation Board. There’s a series of steps you’ll need to take in order to determine if you qualify, so you’ll want to visit our WCB (work-related injury) page to learn more about the claims process.

CAR ACCIDENT || If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you can access treatment through car insurance benefits, whether or not you are at fault for the accident. Click here for more information about the process involved.

Why do different clinics charge different fees?

Every clinic sets its own treatment fees, so there is some variation across the board. At Acceleration Physio, we determined our fee structure based on a few important factors:

    • The experience and skill level of our therapists
    • Some clinics have quotas and expect therapists to treat every patient a certain number of times. But we don’t feel that fits with our ethical standards or respect for your time and money. Instead, we will only treat you as many times as you need, and not a session more.
    • Our qualified therapists only book one patient at a time. We will not bounce in and out of your room as we juggle your treatment with several other simultaneous appointments.
    • You’re paying for a skilled physiotherapist, and that’s who you’ll see for your whole appointment. We don’t outsource to a physio student or assistant.
    • We value your privacy and treat all patients in private treatment rooms (separated by real walls, not curtains).

What’s Next

If you’ve got additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us at Acceleration Physiotherapy Sherwood Park, or to book an appointment, click here!

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